Preachy isn’t the word to describe the upcoming movie “Blue Like Jazz,” based on Donald Miller’s bestselling Christian memoir.

Raw and gritty, yes, with a little bit of foul language, but not a typical Christian film, Miller described according to CNN.

The movie, directed by Grammy nominated recording artist Steve Taylor, is scheduled to release in theaters nationwide on April 13, but will premiere first at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, which kicked off Friday.

Though it wasn’t loaded with fire and brimstone sermons and moralizing messages, the film still hoped to reach audiences with its raw look into the life of a struggling believer.

“We hope that there’s an enormous demographic of people of faith, and people who have walked away from their faith, who will find themselves somewhere in this story,” Miller said.

Loosely following the premise behind Miller’s semi-autobiographical book, which highlighted the author’s authentic struggles with God, Jesus and his Christian faith, the “Blue Like Jazz” film hails a few Hollywood adjustments. More

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